Are you brave enough to try Adventure Art Gympie?

Mask by L.A

Mask by L.A
Sculpture by Josie

Sculpture by Josie

Adventure Art Gympie

Art Hub Gympie -Adventure art is art on steroids! It's for young people that have an already exceeding or high standard of art knowledge and skills, or those who simply love the art process and are super keen to learn. 

It is taking what they have learnt in the classroom and pushing new boundaries, learning about materials and ways of working that schools don't use because of budget restraints. 

Areas to be explored, will be sculpting using concrete, plaster, paper pulp, fabric, wire and combining different mediums to explore the sculpture building process. We will mix painted and drawing mediums to create canvas works, and combine canvas flat works with sculptural dimension to produce 3D hanging works. 


Nothing to do on a Friday night, well come to adventure art Gympie teens? 

Why not get arty and socialize with others that are into extreme art creating, let's get down and dirty with cement, plaster and paper mache paste and clay and mix them with metal, wire, paper and timber. This is art for serious teens and for teens who don't want to sit around at home on a Friday night. Let's rock it at the Friday night sessions!

Painting by A.B

Painting by A.B
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