GROUP Anxiety/Depression -Art Therapy Gympie

Is Anxiety/Depression affecting your child's ability to go to school, go out with friends, to even make new friends and to leave the comfort and safety of their house?

Then come and explore Art Hub Gympie's Art Therapy sessions.

We explore the causes and effects of anxiety, explore and build strategies, practice using role play exercises and put in place a plan for moving forward.

Art Therapy Gympie- Learn how to overcome your Anxiety/Depression

Groups sessions can be hard initially for young people fueled by anxiety, however that old saying "Birds of a feather flock together" is an important part of healing and learning to live with anxiety. 

Art Hub Gympie's Art Therapy sessions are incorporated into a relaxing space to unwind, create art, socialize with equally anxious young people, form unique bonds, and friendships with like minded people who have their own individual struggles.

 At the Art Hub Gympie we talk, we build relationships, we enjoy art creation, and we do art therapy designed for young people to understand where their issues reside and stem from. We work on building strategies, practicing and implementation of those strategies, and moving towards a new more confident young person. 

Art therapy sessions do not just include the young person, we have included parents, guardians and carers as well. Included is a session to educate those surrounding our young people into exactly how and why their young person is experiencing anxiety, and how they can better understand their role in assisting their young person to overcome it. Art Hub Gympie understands that anxiety requires a holistic approach to treating, and extends itself to treating inclusively the family as a whole for the best results.

Art Hub Gympie ensures small group numbers to ensure friendships can be made, comfort levels obtained, and individualized support secured. Maximum group size is 5.

Group sessions will commence once 5 people have shown interest for any organized time frame.


Anxiety- Art Therapy Gympie - Programing

Session 0: Pre-Session - GOAL (Family groups educational session) 1 hour - To educate families in anxiety, childhood trauma and brain development and to work through the Art Therapy program that their young person will be going through so that they understand how to assist them in moving forward.

Session 1- GOAL (Assessment) 1.5 hours - Introduction, establishment of boundaries and confidentiality, group trust building exercises, identification of current concerns, needs and personal goals investigated and explored. 

Session 2- GOAL (Physical response) 1.5 hours - Anxiety has many physical traits, fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, nausea, increased heart beat, sweaty hands and shortness of breath. Being able to recognize changes to the body when anxiety increases can assist young people to recognize their triggers early and to take action to implement their strategies to lower or eliminate their stress response. 

Session 3- GOAL  (Errors in thinking) 1.5 hours - Young people with anxiety can experience errors in their thought processes where  bias and pre thought out perceptions can instigate anxiety or panic attacks. When young people initiate automatic thinking this can escalate fear responses like flight, fight or freeze in an attempt to avoid confrontation and feelings of discomfort. The goal of this session is to establish self monitoring techniques that allows the young person to override their automatic thinking in favour of more logical thought processing. For e.g., Automatic thinking -"A crab will kill me!, to logical thinking "A crab could bite my finger so l should be careful". 

Session 4- GOAL (Facing Discomfort) 1.5 hours - Discomfort in life is inevitable, it is important for young people to be able to manage their discomfort by building emotional resilience and coping skills to guard against stress responses in these times. Through exposure and education young people can develop strategies and implement critical and creative thinking to handle developing challenges and problems as they arise.

Session 5- GOAL (Interpersonal) 1.5 hours - If young people are experiencing high to extreme anxiety levels, their interpersonal relationships inevitably become affected. Anxiety can often present as irritability towards those closest to them and hypervigilance occurs in knowing where and when family members or partners are at any given time and when they will return. Often this can be seen as controlling, overbearing and quite irrational in presentation.  In this session we will delve into the young person's understanding of the complex behaviours often associated with anxiety so they are more equipped to understanding their own actions, and defuse dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours as they arise.

Session 6- GOAL (Coping skills) 1.5 hours - In this session young people build on developing an understanding of triggers that inevitably precede anxiety levels rising. Young people build strategies to take away from Art Therapy to use in dealing with future errors in thought processing. Young people work towards developing emotional resilience, seeing the bigger picture and not becoming stuck in the here and now. Young people build a package of self care and mindfulness strategies to embrace as calming and relaxing daily rituals, and for when anxiety starts to rise.

Session 7- GOAL (Individual young person therapy session ) 40 mins - In the final session the young person has an individual art therapy session to bring all their strategies and learnings together. We look at identified goals and implement a plan moving forward. We also identify in collaboration with the young person their level of confidence and autonomy to self actualize on their own moving forward, or whether they feel they require further support.

Session 8 - GOAL (Parent , guardian, carer catch up) Approx. 20 mins - Completed at the same time as session 7, this quick catch up is to convey the wishes of the young person to family. If they wish their family to know or understand anything that has happened over the art therapy sessions this will be discussed with the family. If the young person has identified they would like to continue on in individualized Art Therapy sessions the family will be advised here and appointments established should you wish. Any questions that families have can also be asked in this session. Please note: All Art Therapy sessions are strictly confidential, so only information that the young person has instructed will be relayed to families. 

Group Art Therapy Sessions

Maximum Size = 5 Young people (of similar ages)


6x Young People Group Sessions- (1.5 hours per session) 

1x Individual Young Person Session (Conclusion session 40 mins) 

1x Family- Group Educational Session (1 hour)

1x family- Individual conclusion session (approx. 20mins)

 All art/crafting materials

Professional Artist Art instruction and techniques

Trauma informed art therapy applications provided

Person centered and mindfulness psychotherapy modalities utilized

(Anxiety Buster) Art Therapy Group Program 8 Session package  

COST - Pay in advance bulk discount price $560 (includes all sessions and materials), or pay week by week at full session price $85 (paid prior to each session) Full price of paying weekly for 8 sessions is $680.

Sessions must be paid in full prior to session commencement to reserve a place. 

Session Days/Time - ( Day/Time will be designed to suit the group after consultation)

Please register your interest in the email contact box below and Kaz will be in touch


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