Art Hub Gympie is a locally owned and operated creative venue in Gympie, offering group and individual Art Therapy sessions for 10-18yrs. 

We also do Adult day classes and adult term classes. Contact us for a booking or see the information page below. 

No Children's classes currently available

Class term for children 4-17 are currently underway, no future classes for this age bracket is scheduled currently.

Adult Art Classes 17+

Art Hub Gympie offers Individual classes and art terms for adults from 17yrs that are intensive, engaging, educational and most of all exciting to do. Come alone or join in a group and experience the beauty of art!

Didn’t find a class right for you? Well, keep an eye on Art Hubs website, because we will change our classes all the time, coming up in our next art term will be concrete sculptures, paper mache paste sculptures and eclectic mosaics!

ART THERAPY 10-18yrs

Free Stuff for Personal use

Art hub Gympie caters for all your art education requirements. At the hub we provide children, young people and adults with a range of art and craft classes that will not only be entertaining but will be educational and therapeutic as well. Enjoy our range of free activities and resources.

Gallery of past young people's projects

Gallery of past young people's projects


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