Art Hub Gympie is a locally owned and operated creative venue in Gympie, offering a wide range of art & craft classes. Gather a group of friends and enjoy a day or weekly art session engaging in art exploration. Our mission is to offer a range of services to Gympie residents, artists, and visitors.

Baby, Toddler, and Pre-Schooler Sessions

The Art Hub Gympie conducts sensory art sessions to build your child's learning capability in fun filled classes of stimulating and engaging play based learning with an artistic twist. 

Children's Classes Grades 1-6

Art Hub Gympie is an exciting place to be, whether you are doing an Art class, getting creative in block play or combining the two and doing a little of each. Come for one, two, general sessions or join the Art club and join for the school term. 

Learn More - General Art- Ages 3-6yrs
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General Art- Ages 3-6yrs

Learn More - Art & Block Play  Parties
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Art & Block Play Parties

Young People Classes Grade 7-12

Art Hub Gympie takes students out of the school art environment and into the real world delivering art projects that really engage, motivate, thrill and excite. Be self directed in art projects with Art Hubs guidance or opt to do one of Art Hubs organized projects. We allow you to be in charge of your artistic direction and journey and learn exactly what you really want to!

Adult Courses

Free Stuff for Personal use

Art hub Gympie caters for all your art education requirements. At the hub we provide children, young people and adults with a range of art and craft classes that will not only be entertaining but will be educational and therapeutic as well. Enjoy our range of free activities and resources.

Gallery of past students

Gallery of past students


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