Baby & Toddler Sensory Art Sessions

Baby and Toddler Sensory Art Sessions are all about engaging in play based learning. We use sensory play as a way to get babies and toddlers brains stimulated, and creating new neural pathways into learning. The more varied and reinforced learning experiences a baby/toddler has in infancy the stronger 'hard wiring' of the brain occurs allowing infants become more confident in what materials are, what they do and how to use them. Click the blog posts beside on Brain Development and Artistic Self concept to learn more about the importance of Art and repeated hands on learning in your child's life. 

At Art Hub's Baby and Toddler Sensory Art Sessions your child can experience and engage with a number of materials. Whilst your child can discover the magic of paint (non toxic) and create a masterpiece, some materials are not art related. These material/items allow children to experience different textures, different weights, different purposes for use and discover new learning and build on their previous knowledge through scaffolded learning. Infants require stimulation and learning through play to build their own self concept (how they view their abilities). The more infants are exposed to varied and new learning through play the more confident they become at understanding processes, what materials can do, what they feel like and what they like and don't like. These sessions are a fun way to have special time with your child. 

Children are provided with their masterpiece
Children are provided with their masterpiece

Session Rules

- An adult is required to stay and supervise the child/ren at all times.

-OLD clothes must be worn, please don't dress your child in their finest, this session is designed to be messy and dirty on clothing allowing full learning potential for your child (pick up old clothes at the op shop if you need to).

-A bath/shower is provided if required at the end of the session for a further $2. Please book prior to session.

-Change table facilities, toilet, bath & shower are available onsite. 

Art Hub Gympie is a super fun place where your child/ren can learn, experience and grow through play and socialization with other children.

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