Social, emotional and cognitive Development

Social, emotional and cognitive developmental milestones are the key indicators of the normal range that a child should develop certain traits in, and within a certain age bracket. Whilst some children maybe quicker than the age bracket provided for the milestone, others may...
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By Karen Elzinga 8/06/2018 Physical Milestones for Early Childhood (2-5yrs) Physical development milestones are tasks that are specifically linked to certain age brackets that children generally achieve within (Hoffnung, Hoffnung, Seifert & Burton, 2010). They are impor...
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The Technological Age by Karen Elzinga 7/06/2018 The modern era has seen fast paced changes to the technology arena, and with the introductions of new and exciting equipment advances, apps, programs and the online world, it was only a matter of time before these technologica...
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By Karen Elzinga 6/06/2018 Children learn at individual rates in individual time frames, what one child perceives as an easy task, another may find alien until such time that may come into their own developmentally. Culturally diverse classrooms also come with the addition o...
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What to include in an Art Portfolio for University or Art school acceptance

Applying for university or art school entrance can be a daunting process, what to include, what not to include in your portfolio of work. Basically most schools will ask for a specific portfolio that showcases your broad talent range. That means you need to have finished wor...
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May 26, 2018
Red back Spider...
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Plaster headed person

May 25, 2018
This project can be done with or without the plaster head, but the plaster head does make children have a different view of their person entirely than if it were just a paper person. So if you can find a mould at a craft store or online plaster mould specialist do try to get...
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Striking colour combinations, and the rustic essence of the Australian Queensland landscape, have enthralled artists whom have portrayed it since the dawn of time. Whatever the style of portrayal, landscapes picturing the Queensland forests, open spaces, mountains and lakes,...
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Preparing Art Surfaces

May 10, 2018

There are numerous surfaces used in the creation of Art

To give you an idea of surfaces that can be used in traditional art making here are a few:MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard, this is a common surface for painting on, and comes in both medium and hard densities. It is made by finely pulverized wooded particles and combined wit...
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Ingredient List

- Plaster head already made or plaster of paris poured into a mould and set.- Tissue paper- PVA Glue- BrushPlaster of paris should be added with water to resemble a light cake batter, then poured directly into a mould, lightly tap the mould on the table to relieve any air bu...
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