Tiny House- How to build a slide out kitchen.

So you have purchased a trailer and now want to convert it to a camper, good for you...well your going to need a kitchen!

The best method l think in terms of tiny spaces is to make everything compact, easily accessible and functional. Keep it sweet and simple, try not to over complicate it by trying to think like a tradie, when you may in fact be just like me, a single lady with limited technical skills, but good problem solving ability. Think logically, what do l need, not what do l want, the minimalist approach. Most people come undone by thinking they can't do something, so stick to something you know you can do well, rather than try something harder that may end up just costing you a lot more money and time.

So what really do you need, 1. You need a washing dishes space, that might be a portable bucket, or like me the full kitchen sink. 2. Somewhere to cook. 3. Somewhere to prepare and serve food. That's it.

Where do l put all that, it won't fit if l want to sleep in in the trailer?
Well let's think logically, you have a bed, so unless your sleeping on the trailer floor, you bed should by law be off the trailer bottom, it doesn't have to even be far off the bottom, just enough to fit your sink and cooker, think roughly about a 30cm cavity minimum.

Now first you'll need to purchase a dolly trolley on wheels, l got mine from Bunnings at a cost of around $12-13. It looks like this.
Dolly trolly.
Next add four timber sides, this stage is really dependent on your trailer, my trailer is low, so l needed to build up or raise the kitchen to be higher for an adults use rather than a child's.

Add timber sides.
Screw you timber sides from your dolly, onto the table top at one end, its going to be the end that goes furthest into the trailer or van or even wagon for that matter.'It will allow for easier pull in pull out action of your kitchen bench, because it's on wheels, no back breaking work here! Depending on your size, you can add a kitchen sink like mine, just in the same way as you would an indoor sink, but l have to say l didn't worry about clips or silicone as your floor is the grass most of the time. Remember a bucket, for when you empty your sink, simply put the bucket under the sink plug and catch the water when you pull out the plug, than go water a tree and help keep nature at its finest.
Now remember your kitchen is commissioned to fit under your bed, but you can build either your kitchen first or your bed, l started with the bed, however l had the kitchen in mind so allowed room in the height when building it in. You want to allow for the sink height basically underneath the bench top and the cooker on top of the bench, than you should be right.
Finally, you need to get some sort of adjustable legs for the section of the bench that protrudes out of the car, adjustable legs are best because you need to adjust your table height when on uneven surfaces, and this happens a lot. I was lucky in this respect because l had an old keyboard stand, which also could be halved by taking out a few bolts, so it was fake and perfect for the job. You could find one at opp shops or tip shops on the cheap. But basically any legs that can be adjustable in height and fold up is good, becuase don't forget you also have to fold them up and roll in and out with your bench.
Happy camping from the Tiny House Warrior.


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