Tissue paper plaster paper weight

Ingredient List

- Plaster head already made or plaster of paris poured into a mould and set.

- Tissue paper

- PVA Glue

- Brush

Plaster of paris should be added with water to resemble a light cake batter, then poured directly into a mould, lightly tap the mould on the table to relieve any air bubbles and set to dry. Allow 24 hours to completely cure the plaster before decorating.

Tear or cut tissue paper into small pieces, smaller is better, when done too big it can look messy and is harder to glue around lumps and bumps. Make a pile of tissue paper pieces to start as it is harder to go back later with glue on your fingers and than cut or rip more.

Start by adding some glue to the plaster mould, add your tissue paper, try not to wrinkle it, than add more glue to your brush and glue over the top of the paper to seal it. Repeat this process paying careful attention to overlapping the paper pieces each time.

Keep adding tissue paper until complete, than give another layer of glue over the top to prevent any lifting of the tissue paper when dry. The PVA glue will go on white in colour however will dry clear and with a varnish like shine. Good luck


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