Plaster headed person

This project can be done with or without the plaster head, but the plaster head does make children have a different view of their person entirely than if it were just a paper person. So if you can find a mould at a craft store or online plaster mould specialist do try to get it especially for school groups, as it does make a difference to the projects outcome.

When using plaster of paris, be sure to wear a mask during the stirring stage, as the fine plaster mist can cause health concerns especially for sensitive people when used consistently. 

Your plaster when mixed with water should resemble a pancake batter, if your first batch comes out with a flood of water sitting on the top you will have placed too much water in the mix, it will still work although the plaster won't be as hard when set. Plaster generally takes 24 hrs to completely cure, sooner depending on temperature. It will change from a light grey colour to a more whiter colour when totally dry. Ensure your plaster is totally cured or dried out as the paint will fade into the plaster when dried leaving your face a ruined one.

Start by gluing your plaster head to a pop stick, use craft glue for the best fixation.

Add your body parts one at a time.

Add all your body parts ensuring to add a good dollop of craft glue (dries fast) for good solid adhesion and leave to dry completely. Whilst your person is drying kids can gather ingredients for their clothing.

The trick to the body is to create a template, start by drawing a shape around your person then double it so you have a mirrored image, see above,  children can them cut it out and fold it in half and simply pop around the stick body gluing both sides together. 

Cut one shoulder so kids can get it around the head.

Lay clothing over pop person and glue the two side inners together, so that you will have a front and back covering you inner body inside. I have used PVA or Elmers glue to do this, but craft glue or clag paper glue will also work fine.

Cut out bits of paper and start decorating, don't forget a pair of creatie shoes!

Add some hair or use some wool to create a hair style.

You can choose to paint your face or like the kids that did these they used coloured markers which was easier with such small eyes. FUN FUN FUN


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