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Red back Spider

Firstly you need two styrofoam balls of differing sizes.

With a kebab stick poke a hole through the small ball and through the large ball. Separate the balls on the stick so you can paint around them easily.

The kebab stick is simply to hold the balls off the table whilst you paint them black all round, it also helps them to dry as you can place them into a cup vertically so they dry perfectly all round without sticking to the table.

Paint both balls black using any type of kid safe paint, poster paint is great for kids, you may need a few coats to get the black paint more opaque (not see through).

Pull out the kebab stick once your balls are dry.

Using a chenille stick (pipe cleaner) red preferably poke it through both the balls holes and shape it like a U.

Allow enough length to poke into the existing holes where the kebab stick went and push it through both balls and out the other sides, push both balls together snugly and trim the chenille stick leaving enough to turn the end into a u shape and poke back into the ball just beside where the chenille came through each ball, effectively securing it into the balls at both ends so your spider doesn't fall apart.

Using the kebab stick poke holes right through the large ball, try to keep the hole straight so your legs look even when you thread them through.

Poke the hole high up on the big ball as you want your spiders legs to bend down and look creepy.

If you can find these hairy chenille sticks, you can trim the fibres on them to shape the legs.

Thread the chenille stick right through the hole and bend both sides to create your legs, you won't need to secure them as they go right through the ball, so effectively one chenille stick does two legs. Trim if needed.

Thread all your legs through your holes. Remember a spider has 8 legs.

Cut a small piece of your red chenille stick and shape it like a u.

Gently push into the top of your big ball effectively create your red back spider.

If you have some joggle eyes they work well, if not paint or glue on something for your eyes.

WARNING: Never use craft glue on styrofoam as it melts it, use pva glue.

Try not to scare mum with your new spider!


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