Work creation in progression Admit 2 Movie Marathon

The Process

This painting is the second in the series of a popular mashup of movies, it was commissioned for a client. I asked the client for a list of his top ten movies ever and then a list of any other movies he could think of that he enjoyed. This was the provided list.

The dark knight  (all time favourite movie), The prestige, Fight club, Deadpool, Mad Max, Fury Road (2015), Big fish, Watchmen, The avengers, Iron man. 

His secondary movies included Marvel and DC, Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry potter, Lord of the rings, Star Wars, The avengers, iron man, The departed, Django Unchained, How to train your dragon, Wall-E, Borat, Wreck it Ralph, Toy Story, Inside Out, Ex Machina, V for Vendetta, Kick Ass, Gladiator, School of rock, Sin City, Charlie and the chocolate factory (original), Inside man, Pirates of the Caribbean (first movie only) Zombieland, Interstellar, Whiplash, Blade runner (original), Jumanji (original).

I did manage to include most of his selection, but l did however add more movies and shows where it suited to add humorous elements, for example Bugs bunny, Jaws and Big bird to name a few.

Here is the work in progress pictures.

Here is the finished work

Here are some close up of sections of the movie mashup painting

This section captures stars wars, Thor and Guardians of the galaxy in the painting

Here deadpool is giving his love heart hand gesture, and behind him Spiderman is giving him the loser symbol, Batman oversees all, to the left join the Simpsons, far left is from Zombieland as the Zombie fall of the buildings, at the bottom is fight club and its audience are oompa loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Here we have the joker crushing on batman, sin city, Jango Unchained, Inside man, Batmans bike, and king kong hanging out on the building top.

Here Robin is jealous of batman's sign and thus graffities with his own name. The yellow brick road has grown around a large tree and dorothy and friends are climbing to the top unaware that Hannibal Lecter is waiting for lunch at the top. To the right side Apollo 13 and The martian and his potatoes are floating about.

Here jaws is about to chomp on the girl from Guardians of the Galaxy, The Pirates of the Caribbean are trying to outrun the kraken, Ironman is checking it all out, as is Santa Claus, and the school of rock is keeping everyone entertained on board the Black Pearl.

Here the gladiators are fighting Wreck it Ralph, the wizard from Lord of the Rings, The incredible hulk and Captain America.

Remember what the whole work looked like

The middle come Jumanji and starwars, big bird is hanging out and the bottom leads into Mad Max. 

Here is Mad Max, and the Zombies from Zombieland are invading.

Here enters big fish with the tree and boots hanging overhead, the toy story characters are hanging out in the field below and the tree tops have turned into the chocolate factory with the oompa loompas hanging out with V for Vendetta.

Here's the youtube video

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