Admit 3 Movie Marathon

Latest work - Admit 3 Movie Marathon

This painting in the 3rd installment of a movie mash up work, it will contain characters from popular movies, past and present. Here you can come on a journey and follow the work in progress.

The idea coming to the forefront here is independence day's alien ship has just fired onto the skyscraper for the first time, however replacing the skyscraper is the castle from Frozen, at the base are the penguins from Madagascar, the character from Ice Age, and the characters from Frozen. Soon to be added at the top will be a plane trying to throw water onto the fire, however the water has been replaced by a bucket of pop corn, which tumbles down over the characters including the three people from the movie Singing in the rain, or in this case singing when hit by falling popcorn. Remember l do try to replace the seriousness of life with comedic relief. 

In this scene, the Blue Brothers are driving the police car with Papa Smurf and Cookie monster inside, they were trying to out run Brave heart warriors, Aladdin's genie, Superman, the blue M&M, Huckleberry Hound, Road Runner, Betty from the Flintstones, the blue care bear and blue the dog. They are wanting to be acknowledged as a "Blue's Brother" essentially for being blue in colour.


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