Children's Art Classes- for ages 4-6yrs & 7-12yrs

ART HUB Gympie has children's art classes for every age including preschooler's 4-6yrs and 7-12yrs. Read the blog post beside to understand the importance of learning art skills at a very early age.

 In short Art skills work in a scaffolded way by building material knowledge. The more a child understands how different materials work and behave when cut, crunched, ripped, dripped, spread, rolled, squeezed, the more confident they become in doing and exploring art. 

As a result self concept builds (self awareness around ability level), the earlier a child can build their artistic self concept through skill and learning via play the more confident their skills in pre, primary and high school school will be. 

Class Term date: FRIDAY 15th July- 16th Sept 9-10am

Why get your child into art/crafting?

Art is a great way to build Fine Motor Skills 

Children's Art Classes are fun and entertaining

Build Artistic Self Concept and Self Esteem

Classes are designed to build resilience against social anxiety by building authenticity, confidence, self actualization and congruency

Learn new skills through social engagement

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