About Karen Elzinga

Hello, l am Karen Elzinga the owner and director of the ART HUB Gympie, I am a professionally trained working artist, Art Educating Specialist within both secondary and primary schools, Youth Worker, and Human Services worker. If you are wishing to check my credentials l have listed all of my qualifications below.

I have a registered blue card, please ask to see it when at the hub. 

I have a current first aid certificate.

If you have any more questions please feel free to get in touch or ask me in person. 

Curtin University

Bachelor of Art  Double Major (Fine Art & Visual Culture)      2012                                             
 o 300697- Issues in Contemporary Art
o 302051- Textiles- Material and Conceptual Investigation
o 302055- Visual Art Research- Drawing and Ideas
o 302052- Sculpture - Material and Conceptual Investigation
o 306628- Art and Fashion in the 2oth Century
o 304346- Painting -Observation and Perception
o 300698- Australian Art History
o 305092- Painting - Subject and Methodology 
o 305488- Visual Arts Research: Textiles, Structure and Dyeing
o 305489- Visual Arts Research: Textiles, Decoration and Ornamentation
o 305094- Painting: Themes and Interpretation
o 305096- Visual Arts Research: Textiles: Perception and Invention
o 305574- Visual Arts Research: Independent Project A
o 305099- Independent Art Practice: Negotiated Proposal
o 305107- Visual Arts Research: Independent Art Project B
o 305101- Independent Art Practice: Exploration
o 302057- Art and Environment
o 302054- Visual Arts Research: Introduction to Drawing
o 300696- Historical Issues in Art and Design
o 302050- Printmaking Methods and Materials
o 302053- Painting Methods and Materials
o 313210- Perspectives on Beauty in Art
o 305103- Independent Art Practice- Development
o 307563- Independent Art Practice: Resolution and Presentation

Graduate Certificate Human Services (Contemporary issues for children and families) 2018

o 7322AHS   Communication and Interpersonal Skills

o 7030HSV   Working with Diverse Populations 

o 704HSV     Contemporary Issues for Children and Families (Major)

o 7321AHS   Person Centred Planning 

Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood Education    (2017/18) 

o TCH10519-Children, families and communities 

o TCH20002- Principles and Practice in Early Childhood Education 

o TCH81002- Play and Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education

 o TCH20003- Curriculum Studies in Early Childhood o TCH10518- Early Childhood Matters 

Graduate Certificate of Counselling Dec- 2021 (Completing currently last unit)

o Theoretical approaches to Counselling (complete)

o Advanced Therapeutic Communication (complete)

o Life Stages and Development (complete)

o Self Care & Developing Resilience (Final unit completing currently) _________________________________________________________________________

University Education: Childhood Education / Development 

I love extending my learning and am always doing a further personal development in various university units 

Bachelor of Education (Primary)   Units Completed (2009) 

o Code:311789- EDP125- Development and Education 

o Code:311790- EDP133- Professional practice in primary education

Master of Education (0-8 years) Units completed (2017)

o MTPS500- Theories of Development and Learning 

Bachelor of Social Welfare (2018)

o Effective communication

o Health and Indigenous Australian Peoples

Australian College of Journalism - Diploma of Journalism     (1998)      

TESOL English Language Master course                                                               2017

o   Teaching English

o   English Grammar for EFL teachers

o   Language Learning Skills

o   Lesson Planning

o   Teaching Fluency and Sub-Skills

o   Classroom Materials

o   ESP and Classroom Management

0   EFL Teachers and their Class

Trauma Informed Practice certificates

Reboot 2019 (How the brain works and Trauma informed practice)

Hope and healing 2021 (Residential care training)

(TCI) Therapeutic Crisis Intervention- Anglicare Trauma informed practice

MAAD (Managing angry adolescents differently) 2020

Anglicare Improving lives framework training 2021

LGBTIQA+ informed practice 2020 & 2021

Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) 2021

Child Protection Awareness Training 2021

Department of Child Safety's Water Safety training for Foster and Kinship Carers 2021

QLD Child Protection Training 2019, 2020, 2021

ASCIA- Anaphylaxis e-training 2017, 2019, 2021                                                                    

Workplace health and safety 2021

First Aid 2021

Workplace Code of Conduct 2021

Fire safety 2021

Art Therapy 2021



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