Karen Elzinga Sold Artworks

How do l commission my own artwork?

Step 1. Decide on the exact size required ( I work mainly in larger scale artwork) Please provide width and height measurement.

Step 2. Send me as many photos of the area that you can from different angles, if you want a particular item e.g surf tower, lifesavers, boat, trees etc, take clear photos of those and tell me that you specifically want those included in your painting as features. 

Alternatively select 3 paintings from the gallery that you particularly enjoy, than tell me 2 things that you love the most about them. I will be able to put something together based on that. 

Step 3. Quote provided

Step 4. Quote accepted and a deposit of 20% total cost is paid (deposit is non refundable if you change your mind).

Step 5. You will have access to weekly progress with pictures uploaded to the gallery page entitled "what's Karen Working on Right Now' so you can enjoy the progress of your painting or to show friends/family etc.

Step 6. Wait patiently (I can only paint so fast)
Want to start the process email Karen Elzinga: elzinga@live.com.au

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SOLD- Beach Culture

Repeat Buyer Andrea from Brisbane- "Love the painting, love love love it. As you know I'm a huge fan. Keep creating. Lots of people love your art. They love it when they see it at my place. Andrea".

SOLD- Admit One Movie Marathon

SOLD- Underwater Reef (why not commission your own)

"I am thrilled to hear from you, I am a huge fan and adore your work. You are incredibly gifted and I would consider it an honor to own any of your artwork. Consider it sold. 

Again thank you and keep creating, you are amazing". Andrea (Purchaser of this painting)

"Love the distressed finish, looks so different". K. Roberts

"Love the size, love the colour, love the style, love it all". S.Smith

"It's amazing, so colourful, so intricate, and the patterning is just brilliant". K. Wright

From painting purchaser of Underwater Reef: "Thank you very much! Underwater Reef is amazing! I absolutely love the details and the colours are stunning. Photos and the video didn't do it justice, the painting completely exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with it and feel very honoured that you allowed me to purchase it. 

Susanne (United Kingdom)

Commissioned work - "Well the painting went down a treat, my wife broke into tears when she saw it, absolutely loved it".

Sold- commission another

Sold -Commission another

SOLD- Commission another

SOLD - Abstracts

Commission another work today - XX Large Scale from $10,800 email for a quote on varying sizes. Note- All paintings are different and unique, however this style can be used to replicate a similar work

Cogs and wheels

(SOLD) Commission another - Original Acrylic Painting - Cogs and wheels

(SOLD) Painting commissioned by Peregian Springs State School QLD

(SOLD) Commission another today - Seaside Escape med Scale $3,400

Commissioned Painting -Large scale $12,700

Commissioned Painting $13950

Like what you see?

Do you see a painting you loved but has sold, don't worry if your willing to wait 6 weeks for it, Karen can paint one just like it but just a little different to make it original and unique to you. You may love the colour scheme, the works flow, what's depicted, whatever it is Karen can come up with an original design to suit. Get in touch and discuss your needs today.

 Commission Another today - Large Scale - Twirl - $9,900

(SOLD) Commission Another Today - Ocean Swirls - XX Large Scale from $10,800 email for a quote on varying sizes. Note- All paintings are different and unique, however this style can be used to replicate a similar work.


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