What is Karen working right now?

Want to know what work painting is coming next? Well now you can, this page you will see what l'm currently working on in each stage as it comes, so follow my painting process.

Latest painting in progress Nov 2018

This current painting will be approx 182cm x 150cm unmounted and unstretched, it generally loses 4-5 cm from that size when mounted and stretched. It will cost $9500 when complete, it is a beach painting.

If you would like to purchase this work incomplete head to the buy it now tab at the page top. Why wait when you can bet the crowd!

Painted the beach landscape with lots of umbrellas and bathers.Some people ask me why l don't  use an easel, well, l like to sit down when l paint, standing up all day long is tiring haha. Actually l have always painted sitting down, l do it because l like to have my sides painted, there's nothing worse than having a beautiful painting with boring white or blanket coloured sides, l like to see my painting from all angles including the sides, so l mount them after l have finished painting.


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