What is Karen working right now?

Want to know what work painting is coming next? Well now you can, this page you will see what l'm currently working on in each stage as it comes, so follow my painting process.

New commission under construction- This is  movie mash up work commissioned by (J) from Sydney, approx finish time should be in around 4-5 weeks, pictures will came as the work progresses. This work will be approx 88cm x 138cm when mounted. 

Movies that could present in the work will come from this list nominated by the client.

The dark knight (my all time favourite movie)
The prestige
Fight club
Mad Max Fury Road (2015)
Big fish
The avengers, iron man etc etc I love Marvel and DC
Guardians of the Galaxy
Harry potter
Lord of the rings
Star Wars
The avengers, iron man etc etc I love Marvel and DC
Guardians of the Galaxy
Leon (the professional)
The departed
Django Unchained
How to train your dragon
Wreck it Ralph
Toy Story
Inside Out
Ex Machina
V for Vendetta
Kick Ass
The grand Budapest Hotel
Scott pilgrim VS the universe
School of rock
Sin City
Charlie and the chocolate factory (original)
Children of Men
Inside man
Pirates of the Caribbean (first movie only)
Hot Fuzz
Death at a funeral
Blade runner (original)
Jumanji (original) 

This painting is slowly starting to come together, l have added loads of the client's movies in, a few however l can't get a really good angle on, so l have added a few more that could work effectively.

Some new movie additions have been:

The Simpsons 

Big bird

Oscar the grouch

Road runner

Bugs bunny


These are what l call fillers, fillers are like cameo's in a movie, they add storyline where necessary to fill up a plot, whilst l try to maintain the integrity of what my client wishes, sometimes l allow for freedom of expression to take the work where it wants to go. If l don't allow the work to reflect freedom of thought, the work can lose that element of excitement. I hope that makes sense. I have only missed around 5 movies from the clients movie list, but l'm sure he will enjoy some new additives as well.

Well nearing the finish of this commission, just a bit of painting left to do, and outlining, then back to fill in the details before distressing the work to resemble old film reel footage, should be completed by mid next week, fingers crossed, so stay tuned to see the finished work!

The Painting was Finished on 9/10/2018!!!!!

After many weeks the painting commission for Josh is finally finished, see close up pictures and video for details

Check out the close up images

2nd Painting currently under completion is a beach inspired painting.

Latest painting in progress Oct 2018

This current painting will be approx 182cm x 150cm unmounted and unstretched, it generally loses 4-5 cm from that size when mounted and stretched. It will cost $9500 when complete, it is a beach painting.

If you would like to purchase this work incomplete head to the buy it now tab at the page top. Why wait when you can bet the crowd!


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