Fabric Sculpture Classes Gympie

Fabric sculpture classes are a super fun learning experience, and you will learn everything you need to know to be confident in creating more and more fabric sculptures from scratch after you complete either the 1 day short course,  or 2 day long course.

Learn how to professionally finish your pieces with strength, water resistance for use outdoors, how to colour, contour and highlight for engaging effect, all whilst building your piece completely from scratch. 

My name is Karen Elzinga l am a certified fabric sculpture trainer, l also hold a Double Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture. Take advantage of my training, skills and novel approach to art making and enjoy a fun filled class, sure to make you laugh! 

Class types

The Starter Fabric Sculpting course is over 1 day 10-4pm (6 hours of ART Education)

 (Morning tea & Lunch Provided)

$140: 6-10 person group      $155: 1-5 person group      

- Saturday Class. It is an introductory skills course, designed to complete one sculpture and learn the basics of fabric sculpting. The starter course is completed before moving onto the extreme course, as you will require a thorough basic knowledge to be successful at an extreme level. 

Extreme Course is over 2 days, 10am - 4pm  (12 hours of ART Education)

 (Morning tea & Lunch Provided)

$260: 6-10 person group      $280: 1-5 person group      

-Saturday/Sunday extreme fabric sculpting course is designed for  those who have completed the starter course and wish to move onto much more complicated fabric sculpting and completing a more extensive sculpture or those with advanced art knowledge and skills.

Hens, Bucks, Birthdays, Anniversaries and special occasions also catered for. Come have a great laugh and learn a new skill. 

Email Art Hub Gympie to enquire about a class today!

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Here are some class examples

Classes are super fun, relaxed and educational. Get a group of friends together and enjoy a great day, and remember tell your group to bring a packed lunch, you won't want to stop to eat you'll be be enjoying yourself too much!

Below are an example of what can be made in the extreme fabric sculpting course

Learn to Sculpture like a Professional

In the Extreme Course, students can create a wall hanging sculpture, here are a few examples of wall sculptures done. Learn artist tricks for rough textured backgrounds! Note: these pieces were made over several sessions, if you would like to take on such a project talk to Karen about a package of classes.


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