Fabric Sculpture Classes Gympie, Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane

Fabric sculpture classes are a super fun learning experience, and you will learn everything you need to know to be confident in creating more and more fabric sculpture from scratch after you complete either the 1 day short course,  2 day long course or the 3 day master class.

After completing the masterclass you can even start your own work from home business creating amazing fabric sculpted pieces to exhibit and sell!

Fabric sculpting looks complicated, however when you know how it's really easy to do and replicate, it just takes a little know how and a little practice to define your artistic talent.

Learn how to professionally finish your pieces with strength, water resistance for use outdoors, how to colour, contour and highlight for engaging effect, all whilst building your piece completely from scratch. 

My name is Karen Elzinga l am a certified fabric sculpture trainer, l have also done a Double Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture, and l also dabble in Graphic Design and Digital artistry. Take advantage of my training, skills and novel approach to art making and enjoy a fun filled class, sure to make you laugh! 

Class types

Print Brochure- Beginners class 1 Day

Print Brochure- Beginner/Intermediate 2 days:

Print Brochure- Master Class: Intermediate/Advanced 3 days

The beginner's class is over 1 day 9-4pm  

$120: 6-10 person group      $145: 1-5 person group       $185: Private Instruction 1 on 1

- It can be any day including weekends. It is designed to cater for the absolute beginner to fabric sculpting.

The Beginner/Intermediate Class is over 2 days, 9am - 4pm 

$260: 6-10 person group      $280: 1-5 person group       $350: Private Instruction 1 on 1

-It can be taken over any two days or consecutively, weekends included. It is designed for people who may not have fabric sculpture experience but love art and crafting, and wish to become more knowledgeable about the process to replicate that knowledge later in completing more extensive sculptures.

The Master Class is over 3 days, 9am - 4pm 

$330: 6-10 person group      $399: 1-5 person group       $499: Private Instruction 1 on 1

-It can be taken over any three days or consecutively, weekends included. It is designed for people wishing to become experienced in several ways for working to possibly start an art practice, who are wanting to go into art schooling, or simply really enjoy learning and creating art.

Private individual class tutoring

- Have specialist instruction all to yourself, this is designed for the serious artist wanting to form an extensive future art practice in fabric sculpting or just because you're more of a one on one person.

Group discount classes

- Designed for a group of friends to have fun creating whilst learning an artistic skill, this is a great course!

Large group discount, classes

- Get together friends and family and enjoy quality time as a group whilst learning a new skill, these are the funniest courses, and we have a lot of laughs. (Great for birthdays, hens & bucks parties etc)

Email us to enquire about a class today!

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The beauty of my business is bringing art to the masses, as long as you have an area large enough to cater for your group size, l supply all the trestles tables, chairs and floor protective coverings. You can create indoors or outdoors undercover, it's completely your choice. I go to aged care hostels, over 50 retirement venues, clubs and individual homes. I cater for groups up to 10 people, l try to keep numbers low to provide individual instruction when required.

What Areas do you go to?

 I can go anywhere from Gympie, Sunshine Coast and everywhere along the way to North Brisbane!

What does the class provide me?

 All materials to complete:

 Fabric sculpture/s

 Trestle tables and chairs for up to 10 people and floor coverings (that are ok to
 get dirty

 Full professional artist instruction


What do we make?

The Beginners Class makes either a free standing or sitting person

The Beginner/Intermediate Class makes both a standing and sitting fabric sculpture

The Master Class makes both a standing and sitting fabric sculpture and a wall mounted sculpture on a canvas

Here are some class examples

Classes are super fun, relaxed and educational. Get a group of friends together and enjoy a great day, and remember tell your group to bring a packed lunch, you won't want to stop to eat you'll be be enjoying yourself too much!

Learn to Sculpture like a Professional

In the Master class, students create a wall hanging sculpture, here are a few examples of wall sculptures l have done, these always draw a lot of attention at my house, or when l exhibit them, you to can learn how to create just like this in the Master class.


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