ELZINGA COLLECTIVE together with designer artist Karen Elzinga have produced designs for a artistic range of one piece swimwear. Full of strategic lines, vibrant colours and tones, and the perfect placements to create illusions of thinner waists, rounder curves, smaller or larger bust lines!

The one piece has a definite place within the more mature or plus size swimwear market, the problem is manufacturers think because your more mature or a fuller figure that women want boring colours or basic plain colours because they don't want to stand out.

Well we don't believe that for one second, every woman deserves to feels beautiful...every woman deserves to be special and stand out in the crowd no matter her age or size. So with that Karen Elzinga got to work painting and designing mock ups to showcase her designs and the beauty of mixing fine art and fashion.

Karen Elzing has a Double Major Bachelors Degree in Fine Art & Visual Culture, and with over 20 years experience in painting bold visual and defined paintings that extend a complete colour explosion to the viewer, is it any wonder that the designs transcend perfectly onto swimwear and achieve the wow factor. Karen Elzinga is a national and international selling and published artist. Her work is professional, her finishes are precise, and her designs mind blowing.
Order from or work with Karen Elzinga to bring this private swimwear collection to life!

Whilst Karen is continuing to work towards bringing some of the designs to life, she is very open to working with a manufacturer or swimwear label to create and bring this unique range of designer swimwear to the Australian or International market.

Wholesale Requests

Wholesale Interest Requests- are very sort after and welcomed, however please note that there would be a wait time whilst a manufacturing company is sort and the swimwear tested for stay fast colours etc, however we are happy to take orders and deposits now.
How is Karen Elzinga different to every other budding swimwear line designer.

Anyone who knows Karen Elzinga knows how passionate she is about art, it is part of her daily ritual, painting that captures every part of her spirit, she is constantly creating and never stops. Ideas come easily to her which is why her bank of art designs is very extensive, way beyond what is listed on this page. She is a polished artist and professionally trained, her attention to detail is extensive and she understands balance and aesthetics within design. Called a "colour magician" by other artists, her fine art paintings are sort after for her brilliant colour displays of vibrancy and tone with defined outline.
Karen Elzinga's mind works like no others, the way she imagines and visualizes outcomes is breath taking, anyone who's see's her work is in total amazement. This swimwear line is simply one extension of how Karen Elzinga's art can inspire and make people feel happy and empowered.

Contact Karen Elzinga on Ph:0455578354 or email
Swimwear comes with a detachable sheer wrap in the same design

In order to promote a comfortable, practical and stunning swimwear range, designer Karen Elzinga has added a detachable wrap showcasing the same design print as the swimwear. Sheer, soft flowing it would turn the normal one piece into a show stopper!
Karen Elzinga's designs can trasfer onto any sort of apparel easily and look amazing!

Contact us for more information about using Karen Elzinga's designs on clothing, bags, skate boards, shoes, cars, buses, balloons and what ever else....Here is a quick look at some mock ups.
Contact Karen Elzinga on Ph:0455578354 or email


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