Karen Elzinga - Graphic & Web Design/ Artist/ Illustrator

Are you a small business on a tight budget?

Do you need to set up a website but don't know how?

Do you wish to make an impact on social media with ads and don't know where to start?

Do you want a creative approach to your store or online presence?

Do you need a logo, banner or ad?

Do you require a fresh look for a book cover or poster?

Karen Elzinga is a freelance professionally trained Artist/ Illustrator and Graphic Designer that offers prices like no other. Why? Because she is building her brand over the next 6 months and is willing to provide great work at a reduced price until she becomes established within the industry. So take advantage of her skills whilst she's cheap!

Amaze Cleaning Solutions are happily a major client

Amaze Cleaning Solutions wanted a complete package of ads and banners for social media campaigns such as Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, and Google Plus. Karen was able to take Amaze's cleaning products and turn them into mini celebrities and Amaze Cleaning Solutions loved the novel approach, fresh concepts, and relate-able content. To see more of the ads check out the gallery.
Client - Amaze Cleaning Solutions

CHEAP Graphic Designing for small business

Bar Coaster Designs - Artistically Illustrated

Don't pay upwards of a hundred dollars an hour !! Graphic Design Prices for June-Dec 2016

Take advantage of these never to be seen again prices available June - Dec 2016.

All prices are for finished products, no hourly rate is charge!

Logo - $20

Standard Square Social Media Ad - $75 (Includes photographic stock related image and text)

Artistically and manually produced Social Media Ad - $150 (Hand drawn, hand painted art, illustrated concepts, or digitally painted illustration plus text)

Banners - Standard Banner - $75 (Includes photographic stock related image and text)

Banners - Artistically and manually Produced Social Media or website banner/header - $150 (Hand drawn, hand painted art, illustrated concepts, or digitally painted illustration plus text)

Book covers - Illustrated covers - $180

Bar Coasters - Artistically illustrated $130

Restaurant Menu - Artistically illustrated $165

4 seasons of menus - Artistically illustrated $299

T-shirt Designs - Illustrated/painted designs $160

Need something else - No worries just contact us for a quick quote!

4 seasons of restaurant menus all completed using only 8 colours, the same 8 colours for all 4 menus

The required theme was Art Nouveau styling!

Australian Cultural Indentity Campaign

Restaurant Toilet Door Designs

Beer Bottle Label

Take advantage of CHEAP Graphic Design and Artwork preparation for a limited time only!

Website Design

Do you like the look of this website, well it was designed by Karen Elzinga using Rocketspark, you to can enjoy a great website utilizing Karen Elzinga's services to design and implement your content into a fantastic visual experience for your customers. See Amaze Cleaning Solutions website, they are the latest client, see their page www.amazecleaningsolutions.com.au, everything on their website and social media pages was designed by Karen Elzinga. This is what you will also receive but catering for your own shop.

Price includes full set up including adding written content, graphic design of banners, stock ads, set up of social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instragram, pinterest and all linked to your website for easy retrieval and monitoring. You will not have to do a thing, accept to supply stock photographs and information where needed.

Email Elzinga Collective for more detailed information.

Set up generally takes 3-4 weeks.

Price - $1699 set up and graphic designing fee. Remember for a graphic designer to design and develop ads like those below it can be hundreds of dollars each ad, you will receive banners, logo, ads for your social media all included in the price, stock ads, website set up, all ready to go for that price which is an extraordinary saving!

Check out some of Amaze cleaning Solutions ads and banner included in their website deal

Who is the designer?

Karen Elzinga has a:

Bachelor Degree Double Major (Fine Art & Visual Culture) with over 20 years experience.

Diploma of Freelance Journalism

Diploma of Graphic Design (Currently half way through completion) Hence the cheaper prices!

Karen is firstly a very experienced fine artist, professionally trained her eye for detail and thinking outside the box is a specialty. So if your after something different, catchy, humorous and ads that will engage social media crowds then look no further. Contact us now for a detailed email of exactly what this deal includes. You will not get a better price anywhere.


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