(Available Now) Aussie Culture Original Painting 170.5 cm x 116 cm x 4.5 cm

Karen Elzinga


Measures 170.5 cm x 116 cm x 4.5 cm 

IT'S HERE......This Karen Elzinga original painting is sure to be one of her best artworks to date. A beautifully coloured, vibrant and impressive show stopper for any wall. It takes in all the excitement of any beach or underwater environment. Packed with so much visual splendor you'll be finding new things for weeks after purchasing.
Karen's last sale was for a painting entitled "The Australian Way", it sold in less an 24 hours so don't wait too long to grab this extraordinary painting.
As with all of her art her inspiration for one work generally comes from a previous work, its like a progression or an extension of her work, where one painting influences the next and the paintings slowly find new meaning and new content through that. As with most of her paintings Karen is highly influenced by the ocean beaches that surround her, the joy felt, the beach vibrance, energy and excitement felt by visitors and locals.
Her paintings are done in only professional acrylic paints and canvas, she paints the canvas twice to obtain vivid and bright opaque colourations, something to which collectors especially enjoy. Karen's style is original, unique, whimsical in nature and abstract in design.
Karen enjoys working in large scale and that certainly presents the wow factor on any wall. A painting this large is a feature wall in itself and will have your visitors green with envy. If you enjoy colour than this painting will not disappoint.
Karen is professionally trained doing a Double Major Bachelors Degree From Curtin University in Fine Art and Visual Culture in 2012.

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