(Available Now) The Portal Original Painting- 173cm x 87.5cm 4.5cm

Karen Elzinga


This work is in Karen's other style of working, Pure Abstraction entertaining the embodiment of clean and complex line and form. This painting featuring wonderful depth and texture was derived from a space transference perspective meaning what would take a person happy in life to another dimension or a height far greater than themselves, the portal! And what risk would we all take to venture through a portal when we don't know or understand that our lives would benefit in any way, shape or form. This work means take life as it is, and strive to make that better before taking the risk and plunging into any unknown dark places where promise is made, but maybe broken.

Karen is a bachelor trained artist completing a double major degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture from Curtin University. She works with only the finest grade products and canvas.

Abstract painting by Karen Elzinga

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