(Available Now) City by the Bay 173 x 136 x 4.5cm

Karen Elzinga


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This painting was inspired by a recent trip to pick up my kids from schoolies. As l drove through Surfers paradise, l realized how encroaching the skyscrapers are to the sandy beaches, the two almost seeming like one giant entity. So my work concept was born.

I wanted to create a landscape where the hustle and bustle of any where in the world where the ocean meets city living is apparent.

I enjoy translating my work through the vigor and candor of colour and intricacy, l think it takes people on a journey of discovery and brings back often childhood memories of holidays by the beach.

Colour brings happiness, and l am highly motivated by colours, l feelings l get when painting or viewing a finished piece, its a real satisfaction.
I will not sell a painting that l don't personally love and would be happy to have it hang on my own wall, l have a deep connection to the paintings l do, they take a considerable amount of time, nurturing, and creativity to complete.

This work has a white timber boarder around it, this boarder looks fantastic and really makes the painting pop beyond belief. Looking straight onto the painting the boarder is about 2cm wide extending onto the painting, from the sides it is 4.5cm wide. It makes the work look polished and finished off. Please get in touch if you would like a picture of the timber boarder on the painting.
Karen Elzinga is a Bachelor trained artist with a double degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture from Curtin University and has been painting for over 25 years.

Her work is very sort after as investment art, feel good art, display home art, office art and with one purchaser saying they built there new house around her art , karen's work size and vibrancy is sure to make a statement in the homes of beach lovers.

You can commission paintings to your requirements also.

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'Great work! I get lost in all the fun details' Christopher Johnson Art Collector

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