(Available Now) I want Power 126cm x 89.5cm x 4.5cm

Karen Elzinga


I love the look of graffiti inspired art, art that bursts with colour and life, that overlaps and displays a capacity for politics, life, unrest and belief systems all intertwining. That is what inspired this latest mixed media work.
I am heavily inspired by the use of colour, l think multi-coloured bright art brings passion, laughter, good heart and smiles within, artist great Jackson Pollock was heavily entrenched in utilizing colour to explore mood, l also believe that colour has the ability to change and alter mood. But unlike Pollock, l enjoy to bring the mood in a bright and colourful way to evoke a smile and good vibe.
This is a work that has a message of what is the world bringing today, the confusion, the joy, and dread, what am l doing here, however it is juxtaposed by the use of bright and happy colours confusing and challenging that underlying dread, and pushing the context of the work to believe in the greater good.
Karen Elzinga is a Bachelor trained artist with over 25 years experience in creating art. All work is of the highest quality possible using artist quality products.
Commissions are available.For a closer look please see video in the video section.

SKU: I want Power 126cm x 89.5cm x 4.5cm original painting TAG: Original Paintings

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