(Available Now) Door to door salesman

Karen Elzinga


This is a collaborative mixed media work by Karen Elzinga and up and coming artist Zak Jeffery.
It was derived from the typical door to salesman experience of trying to be sold a tail of irrelevant literature, working from a script and being told anything to achieve a sale.
This was Zaks first job experience to which he lasted 2 days before deciding it wasn't for him.
It takes in the creepy underbelly of any worker who has ever tried to sell anything either when directed to by an employer or done themselves but selling a product that they don't necessarily believe in and in a way that just doesn't fit with the good and truth in life.
It is a multi layered work, bright, colourful and vibrantly rich in complexity, shading and tone.

SKU: 10000 TAG: Original Paintings

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