(Available Now) Flowers on the Beach Front Boulevard Painting

Karen Elzinga


As an artist l like to explore colour. l believe colour generates happiness in thoughts, mind and body. Most of my work is very flat, so occasionally l love to play around with a painting that involved lots of texture, over lapping colours and really building a painting from the ground up. It's a really fun process to do and visually l love the richness within this work. I tried to capture the essence of a sunrise, those burning blend of red and yellows against the blues of a new day. This adds intensity to the work and adds for a striking backdrop. The flowers are wild, untamed and portray the freedom of nature. I hope you enjoy this work, its super bright, colourful and will just bring out happiness in a room.

Colour brings happiness, and l am highly motivated by colours, the feelings l get when painting or viewing a finished piece, its a real satisfaction.

I will not sell a painting that l don't personally love and wouldn't be happy to have it hang on my own wall, l have a deep connection to the paintings l do, they take a considerable amount of time, nurturing, and creativity to complete.

Karen Elzinga is a Bachelor trained artist with a double degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture from Curtin University and has been painting for over 25 years.

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