(SOLD) Coral Hemisphere 173cm x 92cm x 4.5cm approx

Karen Elzinga



This painting has SOLD.

This painting is inspired by the coral reefs, and the exploration by scuba divers. the painting has many scuba divers diving around the flowering corals.

The work has three stages, the first to paint the complete first layer, then l etch it back  to produce a softer colour tone and weathered appearance typical of a weathered boat surface, and finally the ink line drawing process and painted circular detail is added before a gloss varnish to finish.

This painted is beautifully presented, vividly colourful, and remarkable when hung, it exudes joy and happiness and professionally finished. It is ready to be hung.

What people don't know about Karen's paintings, is the time they take to complete, there can be hundreds of hours placed into a single painting before completion, and her dedication to her craft is certainly shown.

Commissions are available.

Karen is a professional artist with a double degree in fine art and visual culture from Curtin University. She has over 25 years painting experience and only used the finest pigments and canvas in her work.

Feel free to ask any questions

This work will be stretched upon purchase, so please allow a discrepancy of 1 cm larger or smaller than advertised size.

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