(Available Now) Summer beach sensation 166cm x 94cm 3 series

Karen Elzinga


Acrylic paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.
Signed on the front.
This acrylic painting is a 3 piece set.
It measures 138cm x 94cm x 4cm for the central painting and 94cm x 28cm x 2cm for the two side paintings. All paintings are gallery wrapped, meaning what you see on the front as painted also goes over the sides in a very professional finish without the need for framing.
The painting idea for this work is very familiar to Karen as this is her style, this is what she is known for both interstate and internationally. Bright, vibrant, busy, intricately styled beach scene paintings. Karen has 3 distinct styles of painting, one is to paint multiple coats of paint making the finish very opaque, super colourful and vibrant. The second is to painting and then dot and line mark the work. And the third is to scale and etch back the paint to provide a more subtle yet still very colourful look to emulate a weathered beach setting and a more rustic appeal to the painted finish. This particular technique has proved to be incredibly popular with Karen's clients as the finish is really unique and different. The reason being is the painting has been effectively and essentially aged in appearance but then looks shiny and glossy with up to 4 coats of gloss varnish on the top. So although it looks more vintage, it also looks show room finish new at the same time, adding for a highly unique and ground breaking look you don't see on many paintings.
This painting has been done in the third way as described above.
A pure joy when combined with a large white wall, this painting will delight for many years and provide the unique feelings associated with being at the beach, the excitement, the energy, and vigor.
Karen is a highly experienced and professional artist with degree qualifications in Fine Art and Visual Culture and has over 25 years of painting experience. She only uses the highest grade professional acrylic paints and canvas. You will not get a more professionally designed, painted and constructed painting then a Karen Elzinga original design.
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