(Available now) Summer Infusion Approx 103x200x4.5cm

Karen Elzinga


Summer Infusion is NOT stretched, it will be sent rolled in a tube, ready for you to take to any framing place to be stretched. It should be around 103cm tall x 200cm wide x4.5 depth once you have it stretched.

 It is much safer to provide a safe travel option for your new artwork and for you to take it to a framers close to you to complete the stretching. The painting has been discounted by $300 which should account for most of the stretching costs. 

If you should really like to have it stretched and mounted please let me know and l can arrange that for you.

Summer infusion is exactly that, an infusion of warmth, vigor, vibrancy, stimulating colours and that holiday vibe placed directly by the seaside. It is the immersion of feeling excited by the ocean and doing some eclectic shopping just meters from the white sands of Australian shores. The layout of this painting is so appealing, that rich blue ocean divider in the center provides a robust blanket against the floral and coral splendor either side of it. The work just captures the seaside vibe both above and below the sea in a completely Karen Elzinga original way.

A Karen Elzinga painting experience is designed to take you on a holiday, back that beach holiday where you felt excited to be.

Rich in opacity, vibrant in tone, Karen uses only the highest grade of professional acrylics and canvas. With over 25yrs painting experience you are certain of a quality painted product.

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