(Available Now) Infinite 150 x 208cm

Karen Elzinga


Acrylic on canvas

Unmounted, comes in a tube to be mounted as you see fit at a framer near you. 

Signed on the back. 150cm x 208cm 

This is a circular work embracing the changing land mass. It is captured through individual spheres symbolizing the continual embodiment of endless time and how our landscapes continue to evolve and intertwine.

 It is a vibrant and vivid painting, extra large in scale and thus designed to impress on a big wall. The beauty is in the details with displays of smaller spheres representing the wind that blows, changes, erodes or that can increase the beauty of our landscapes.

Completed on professional quality heavy duty primed canvas using professional grade artist pigmented acrylic paints.

Note: The painting is displayed in a mock room set up and thus is not to scale, please refer to measurements provided for accuracy when determining size.
Whilst the painting is captured in natural light, different computers may produce different coloured results slightly altering the colours of the work. 

All of Karen Elzinga's Clients have stated that the colours and brightness of the paintings look much better in person than on a computer screen.

Karen Elzinga is a professionally trained artist studying a double major degree in fine art and visual culture and has over 25 years painting experience. Karen was also a primary and secondary school art educator.

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