(Available Now) Surf Couture 146cm x 207cm

Karen Elzinga


Acrylic on canvas
Signed on the back.
DISCLAIMER: Paintings is pictured in mock up rooms and is not to size, please refer to measurements for accurate reference.
Karen Elzinga's paintings are collected by Art lovers the world over, the colours are vibrant, colourful and produce excitement and vigor. Karen predominantly works with Acrylic paints with professional artist quality pigments and quality canvas.
This painting is huge approx 146cm x 208cm (unframed, unmounted) , that's over 2 meters wide across your giant wall, if you have a big wall you need an equally large piece to perform on it, this work is that and more.
Arguably Karen's best work to date (her words) the painting is just amazing, when you see it in person you will be stunned with the level of detail that just cannot be captured by photography. Be sure to take a look at the YouTube video to see the details.
Karen enjoys capturing the essence of the seaside, and the surrounding landscapes, and does so again in Surf Couture.
Using her trade mark etching style that incorporate rubbing back the paint to look aged and similar to a weathered boats paint finish, before she then adds the decorative elements.
Painting is photographed prior to the varnish process so that the photo does not become distorted by varnish gloss when the flash goes off. Upon purchase the painting will be varnish 4 times for a thick, rich gloss and protection.
Karen prefers not to mount extra large paintings these days just due to the lack of care taken by couriers, instead she reduces the painting by the price that it would take the buyer to frame it somewhere close to them to alleviate the chance of damage. 

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